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Xerdocs Technology stands as a prominent and exceptionally innovative software house, a distinguished systems integrator, and a premier technology provider. In a world driven by digital transformation, our focus remains unwavering: to craft solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.


Build the enterprise capabilities of digital winners

Based on your company’s strategy, identify the enterprise level capabilities that will be required to win in your market and deliver on the promise of data and technology.

The real win of digitization

Every day, new technologies are taking on increasingly complex tasks and processes at ever faster speeds. The leaps being made by generative AI only prove the point.

Grow profitably with tech-powered models

A data-driven operating model fueled by technology empowers organizations to unlock untapped value, improve offerings, slash costs, and seamlessly integrate capabilities with partners.

Our Brainchild

Xerdocs Health - Leading Healthcare Management Software

Data quality is pivotal for healthcare analysis, whether it’s simple or intricate. During the COVID-19 pandemic, extensive data sharing globally, including in Nigeria, proved vital for public health responses and predicting the pandemic’s trajectory. However, Nigeria lacks centralized data in hospitals, hindering efficient tracking of COVID-19 symptoms. To address this, Xerdocs Health emerged, driven by a vision to revolutionize healthcare through electronic health records (EHRs) and make a transformative impact on lives.

“Starting now and lasting until forever, your health and healthcare will be determined, to a remarkable and somewhat disquieting degree, by how well the technology works.”
―Robert Wachter
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Our Expertise

End-to-end strategy to streamline processes, maximize revenue, and reduce labor costs with our comprehensive and customized solutions.

Business Management Software

Watch your business grow with Enterprise Business Management software from Xerdocs.

Cloud Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Scalability

Elevate Your Cloud Management for Enhanced Efficiency, Scalability, and Innovation.

Resilience and Data Protection

Whether you’re just getting started with cloud, or planning to migrate, we have resources to help you protect your data and meet your business continuity objectives.

Why People Trust Us

At Xerdocs Technology, our dedication to innovation, expertise, reliability, and client satisfaction sets us apart, earning us the trust of individuals and businesses seeking cutting-edge technological solutions.


We stand out as a pioneer in software development, consistently delivering innovative solutions that push the boundaries of technology.

Unmatched Expertise

As a distinguished systems integrator, our team comprises seasoned professionals with deep expertise across various technological domains.

Proven Result

Time and again, we've demonstrated our capability to deliver exceptional results, earning the trust and loyalty of our clients.


Our track record speaks volumes; we prioritize quality in every project, delivering robust and high-performing software solutions.

What People Say About Us

Joining Xerdocs Family is an experience and a journey towards business growth fulfillment. We’re helping businesses like yours.

With over 30,000 patients using our new hospital management system across diverse hospitals, we’re always right around the corner.
We have been using Xerdocs Healthcare Management for our medical practice, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The software is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for my staff to manage patient records, appointments, and billing efficiently. It has streamlined our workflow and reduced administrative tasks, allowing us to focus more on patient care.
Belanka Children Hospital
Port Harcourt, Rivers
As a healthcare administrator, I've had the privilege of implementing Xerdocs Healthcare Management across our hospital network. The comprehensive features and seamless integration have made our operations significantly smoother. The platform's advanced analytics and reporting tools have empowered us to make data-driven decisions, improving patient outcomes and cost efficiency.
Raziela Specialist CLINIC
Port Harcourt, Rivers
Xerdocs Healthcare Management has been a game-changer for our medical practice. Their comprehensive approach to healthcare management has streamlined our operations and improved overall efficiency. From optimizing our billing processes to implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, Xerdocs has enhanced patient care and satisfaction.
Family Care Hospital
Yenegoa, Bayelsa

Ground-Breaking Innovation on the way

_Xerdocs Corporate Profile

Your Health in your palm

Health Passport is a powerful tool designed to empower individuals by enabling meticulous documentation, assessment, and scrutiny of their health details. This advanced application goes beyond mere recording of apparent symptoms and vital signs; it delves into capturing crucial, in-depth health data.

By offering a comprehensive health record, Health Passport plays a pivotal role in facilitating the prompt identification and effective treatment of illnesses as they manifest. Its ability to capture nuanced health information assists in providing a holistic view of an individual’s health status, fostering a proactive approach to healthcare management.

Through its detailed insights and comprehensive data, this innovative tool contributes significantly to enhancing overall well-being. By enabling individuals to monitor and manage their health proactively, Health Passport becomes a cornerstone in promoting preventive healthcare, personalized treatments, and improved health outcomes.

Health Passport Mobile App - Available Soon!

Watch out for the announcement.

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